Pick a Dummy.com

A Random Dummy Image Generator

By Peter van Westen

PickaDummy.com is a service that offers you random generated images via a special url.

You can use these images in your website as dummy images, also known as placeholder images.

You can simply place the url in your image html tag:

<img src="https://i.pickadummy.com/600x400">

Image Size

Creating a random dummy image is super simple!

Just place the image size you want after the pickadummy.com URL.



By colorizing the image, the image will only use different shades of the given color.
You can use this - for example - to make image match the main color of your website.

Just pass the rgb value to the url.
For instance, to make an image only use red tones, colorize=FF3333 or col=f33


By washing the image, the image will mainly use colors close to the given color. So not only shades of the given color like the colorize option.
You can use this - for example - to make image match the main color of your website.

Just pass the rgb value to the url.
For instance, to make an image primarily use red tones, wash=CC3333 or w=c33

Note: The more the color is close to mid-tones, the more different colors will be included.


Create a greyscale image by using greyscale=yes or g=yes


You can also set a number from 1 to 5 to set different 5 (not 50) shades of grey.


Set the brightness using brightness=...

You can choose a number from -2 to 2 (0 = no change)


Change the contrast using contrast=...

You can choose a number from -2 to 2 (0 = no change)


You can combine the different filters to create desired effects.


Set a border around the image by giving the border thickness (in pixels) and the color using border=20&bordercolor=97abe5 or b=20&bc=97abe5



Add the dimensions to lower left corner of the image using dimensions=yes or d=1



Add custom text to the image using text=My Text or t=My Text

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x150?text=My Text

To split a text over multiple lines, place \n where you want the break to be, like text=My\nText

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x150?text=Multiple lines\nof text\nare no problem\nfor PickaDummy.com


To place the dimensions as a text, you can use text={dimensions}



Choose any of these fonts by using font=Font Name or f=Font Name

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x150?text=My Text&font=Capture It
1942 report
Alex Bush
Aquiline Two
Capture It
Caviar Dreams
Droid Sans Mono
FFF Tusj
Open Sans
Ubuntu Mono


Control the size of the text by setting the font size in pixels, like fontsize=123 or s=123

The default size is 40


Note: The text will automatically get sized to a smaller font size if it doesn't fit.


By default the text is placed in the center of the image.
However you can use these positions to place the text somewhere else:

  • c or center (default)
  • t or top
  • b or bottom
  • l or left
  • r or right
  • tl or topleft
  • tr or topright
  • bl or bottomleft
  • br or bottomright

Just place the position in the url, like position=bottomright or pos=br

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?position=top&text=Up here!
https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?position=bottomright&text=In the corner!


By default the text will be white. But you can override this with any color you want.
Just pass the rgb color in the url.
For instance, for bright red text you can use color=FF0000 or c=f00


Note: The text will automatically get sized to a smaller font size if it doesn't fit.


To make the text stand out a bit more, you can give it a shadow.
Just pass the rgb color of the desired shadow in the url.
For instance, for a black shadow under your text you can use shadow=000000

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?shadow=000000&color=40b445&text=Black shadow
https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?shadow=ffffff&color=000000&text=White shadow


You can also add an outline (stroke) to the text to make the text stand out more.
Just pass the rgb color of the desired outline in the url.
For instance, for a black outline around your text you can use outline=000000

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?outline=000000&color=97abe5&text=Black outline
https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?outline=ffffff&color=000000&text=White outline


To have a more transparent text you can set the transparency to a number between 0 and 100, like transparency=50

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?transparency=50&text=I'm a Ghost


Rotate the text to a desired angle, by setting a value between 0 and 360, like angle=30

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?angle=30&text=All Wonky!
https://i.pickadummy.com/300x300?angle=270&position=left&text=All Sideways!


If you want to return the same generated image every time, you can use a cached image with cache=1

If you want to use cached multiple images with exactly the same settings, but want them to be different, you can give them a different caching number:

https://i.pickadummy.com/300x150?cache=1&text=Cached Image
https://i.pickadummy.com/300x150?cache=2&text=Cached Image


Here is an overview of all the possible url attributes you can add to the url, after the main dimensions.

Attribute Shorthand Value
colorize col Any RGB color
wash w Any RGB color
greyscale g yes or 1 to 5
brightness b -2 to 2
contrast c -2 to 2
border b Size in pixels
bordercolor bc Any RGB color
dimensions d yes or 1
text t Any text
font f One of the available font names
fontsize s Size in pixels
position pos center, top, bottom, left, right, topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomright
or c, t, b, l, r, tl, tr, bl, br
color c Any RGB color
shadow Any RGB color
outline Any RGB color
transparency 0 to 100
angle 0 to 360
cache 1 to 100



The maximum width and height of an image is 1200px.
If you request a size larger than this, the dimensions will be resized to this maximum maintaining the aspect ratio.